About Me

August 1, 2017
Michael Sperber

Good morning,

My name is Michael Sperber. I am a software developer and have been in the business for roundabout ten years. My main areas of expertise are software architecture, GUI development and web design. Most of my work is done using C# and WPF, with my web experience being focused on the Apache, PHP, HTML5 stack. I deeply believe, one can never learn enough and accordingly always try to gain new and useful knowledge. When I am not coding or learning, I do photography and enjoy the quiet beauty of my home, the Odenwald.

My passion for computers began in my childhood: I built my first computer before I turned 10 and started learning C++ in my early teens. This is when I first discovered HTML and CSS, as well, with JavaScript to follow. I loved programming in school, from Visual Basic all the way down to assembler. At the same time, I modded and overclocked every CPU and graphics card I could find.

After school I began to study applied informatics for about two semesters, but found I was unhappy with seemingly endless (and boring) lectures. I thus began a training as software developer at o-soft GmbH in Kleinwallstadt. o-soft mainly used Visual Basic (from VB 6.0 to .NET 2008) but also introduced me to Silverlight and WPF.

This would help me greatly in my next job at TypoSola GmbH & Co. KG in Miltenberg a. M., where I was initially part of a new development team creating a novel quality assurance solution based on C# and WPF. I managed to quickly establish a lead position within the team, which was soon followed by tasks other than programming: product management, consulting, team leading and finally involvement in making strategic decisions for the company.

This time has taught me a lot of invaluable lessons about management as well as myself. But after some time, I decided to leave the company to again do what I like most: programming. It wasn't long until I found my new (and current) home at MPDV GmbH in Mosbach, one of the leading providers of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) worldwide. At MPDV I am now lead developer for three overarching product groups: Planning & Scheduling, Material & Production Logistics as well as Tracking & Tracing.

This web site is a means for me to share my knowledge with developers around the world. I hope you find my content informative as well as entertaining, and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Michael Sperber