Programmer's Digest on GitHub and NuGet

May 11, 2018

Good morning,

Programmer's Digest has found its way to GitHub and NuGet!

There, you will find a variety of open source projects (licensed under Apache License 2.0) ranging from object relational mapping over dependency injection to parsing of the SWIFT MT940/942 bank transaction format. Currently, all these projects are written in my preferred language C# and based on .NET Standard 2.0 where possible.

All projects are derived from software I am writing in my spare time and try to once and for all solve some specific problems I face again and again. As such all are actively being worked on and updated whenever the need arises. There may however be prolonged times of inactivity, when there are no known bugs and new features are not required.

Feel free to help improving these projects with bug reports, advice or even better, code. If you want to use any of these projects in your own, just grab them from NuGet.

I will in the near future present each of my projects in a separate article, explaining the hows and whys and maybe some interesting tidbits to be found in the code (and a rant or two may be incoming as well).