Think About Your Future

May 21, 2018

Good morning,

we are a lucky bunch, you know that? In 2018, software developers in Germany earn an average of 52,000 €.1 By comparison, the average salary over all employees in Germany is 41,000 €.2 Looking at various professions, IT is considered one of the most lucrative job markets.3 In addition, management positions in IT add an above average amount to the already good salary.4

I just got my pension award and I was a bit baffled. Inflation as well as raises in salary and pensions removed, my net pension would only be 1/2 of my current net income. And I am by no means worse off than others.5 That is a steep drop in quality of live!

And here is where I consider us lucky: As a software developers (with more than average salaries), we can prepare for the future, set aside some money to support our quality of live in our pension. That is what I urge you to do!

I do not want to make any suggestions on the ways you want to invest money to add to your pension. There are experts for that and I am not one of them. I want to point out one more thing, however: the earlier you start, the better - think about compounded interest.